Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Roast Beef Sundae

Posted by Lori:
Did you realize that July was National Ice Cream month?  How fitting for a hot summer month!  Here's a sundae recipe, but there's no ice cream in the list of ingredients. 

We first saw this advertised at the Oklahoma State Fair last fall.  We had leftover roast, so we decided to make our own sundaes in pretty sundae dishes.  And, there's even a cherry on top!  A cherry tomatoe, that is!

Place a layer of mashed potatoes in dish, followed by roast, more mashed potatoes heaped up, then gravy (looks like chocolate or caramel sauce), followed by grated cheddar cheese sprinkles, and topped with a cherry tomatoe. 

Very cute and tastes great!

Some of our children wanted bowls instead of sundaes, so they did kind of like the Kentucky Fried Chicken bowl - used the mashed potato base and added corn, carrots, green beans, roast, gravy, and cheese.  And, as KFC would say, it was "finger lickin' good!".
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Erin said...

Very clever. My kids would this was so cool!


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