Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crispix Popcorn Snack Mix - Munchkin Snack Mix

I made this Crispix Popcorn Snack Mix for a "Wizard of Oz" party, so gave it a new name:
Munchkin Snack Mix 
I didn't have peanuts, so used cashews. I am certain that peanuts would be better.  But, you know what???!! I just realized that the recipe doesn't even have nuts in it!!  Ha ha!! Where did I get "nuts" from? Who knows!  Well, I suppose I just added a new ingredient :). 
1 12 oz. box Crispix cereal
7 cups popped popcorn 
2 sticks butter
1 cup brown sugar
1/3 PLUS 1 Tablespoon light corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
Optional: Peanuts or cashews....1 cup

Mix cereal, popped corn and peanuts in large pan.(I used my roaster, made it easy to stir)

Bring to a boil the butter, brown sugar and syrup. Boil about 2 minutes. Remove from heat and add vanilla and baking soda. Stir quickly as soda makes it foam.

Pour over cereal mixture and mix well. Bake 225* for 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes. Spread out on foil,(I use freezer paper because it is bigger) break apart and let cool. Enjoy!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Let It Snow! Snowman Snacks

With the windchill in single digits, you'd think we could at least get a few snow flurries, but apparently it's not in the forecast for today! Maybe tomorrow, but until then here are a few cute snowman snacks for you to enjoy.

This first one is Snowman Donuts or Snowmen on a Stick was sent to me by a blog reader who knows I like cute things! :)  (Thanks, Marsha!) It's from a blog called Dukes & Duchesses. Click HERE for the instructions.
If you've seen the movie, "Frozen", then most likely you've fallen head over heals for the adorable snowman in the movie, named Olaf.  This snack, from SheKnows is just as adorable as Olaf, himself! Click HERE for that post.
These Nutter Butter Snowmen are so cute and illustrated well in this photo from the blog, "The Wilson World". Click HERE for instructions.
And finally, if you're looking for a healthier snowman snack, this one is a perfect idea!  I like the idea of having the kids assemble their own on their plate. They could get pretty creative "building" their snowman.  Click HERE for this blog post over at Home Grown Friends.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Facebook Blog Page!

Usually this blog, as well as my "Shine Like Stars" blog, would post to my Facebook page.  Yesterday I decided to make a new Facebook page at where the two blogs would be sent.  This way, those who want to follow the posts can do so, and those who don't want to follow won't have them in their news feed.

Because I post things for school, 4-H, PTO, these two blogs, plus our parenting blog, it would sometimes be over-whelming in the newsfeed, and that's definitely not a good thing!  So, if you're on Facebook, and you want to join the group, go on over.  If not, it's okay! You will still receive the posts via email, if that's how you usually get them.  You can also come to the blog itself at any time.

I have no clue how many follow this blog. I lost the info of how to see that information many years ago.  All I know is that I get messages from all over saying that they enjoy it or they have something fun for me to I appreciate YOU.  Thank you! Lori
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Using What You Have - Burlap Wall Craft

I have a bad habit of buying craft stuff, but not using it. I think it's because of where we live. We're an hour away from Hobby Lobby, so when I see something I might need, I get it. You just never know when you'll need to make something, so I always want to make sure I have what it takes to make it!
And it might just be because I'm a hoarder. Yes, that's possible, but it doesn't sound as good as the explanation above, so we'll just go with it. :)
So, my goal this year is to use up what I have, as much as possible. And when I wanted some new thing for a black spot on a wall, I remembered this goal and went looking for a solution.
I had a blank canvas, lots of burlap, a pretty roll of burlap ribbon, a faux metal tile backsplash that was kind of warped after falling on a steaming pot of boiling noodles, and a burlap/material flower that was pinned to a lampshade.
I wrapped the canvas with burlap, stapling it into place. Did the same with the burlap ribbon.  I cut the backsplash into a heart shape and hot-glued it into place, then aded the burlap/material flower.  It was a perfect solution to the blank wall and used up several of my extra supplies.  Yay!!!
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Etched Casserole Dish - Homemade Christmas Gifts

The last homemade gift is what my mother-in-law made. She's sitting to the right holding an etched casserole dish.  Here is a link with great pictures showing how to make one of your very own:
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gifts in a Jar - Homemade Christmas Gifts

You really can't beat food as a homemade gift, can you?  This salsa was delicious! It was gone in no time.
These Friendship Brownies will be great and gone quickly, too. I should have made them during the Christmas break because now we're trying to eat better!  But, the boys are always ready to eat something a little sweet on the weekends, so I think I'll leave it out and make it for them in a few days.

There are so many "Gifts in a Jar" ideas and recipes.  It's perfect for just about anyone!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Wooden Photo Holders - Homemade Christmas Gifts

This block of stained wood with a sweet sentiment nailed to the front made a great homemade Christmas gift. Wires were curled and inserted into the top of the block to hold the photos.  I'm not sure what the other sentiments where, but I know one said, "So Very BLESSED".  

It just needs four pictures to make it complete!
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Going Green! - Homemade Christmas Gifts

One brother and sister-in-law went "GREEN" on homemade gifts this year. She harvested chives from her herb garden, made these cute Chevron envelopes for them, and gave us each some to use.  She also gave us a cutting from her Redbud tree. We'll be planting it in a few months.

But, probably my very favorite homemade gift of all times is these little wooden card holders.  My brother-in-law made some several years ago. They gave each of us a set of four, but as our families grew, our need for more card holders grew!  So, he made us all another set.  YAY!

This is one of the originals. Each one had the order/sequences of hands in our family-traditional-card-game, Liverpool Rummy. If you haven't played, you should!  So, you see, when you have 15 cards, plus extras, your hand gets really tired of holding them! With these beauties, you don't have to hold them! Yippee!  Best thing ever invented - well, one of the best things, anyway! :)
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jute Letter - Homemade Christmas Gifts

Here's another homemade Christmas gift: A jute-wrapped paper-mache letter...decorated with ribbon and greenery/berries.  This sister-in-law made this size of letters and smaller letters.  My daughter has hers hanging on her dorm-room door.  This had to take a lot of time to do, but the results are beautiful!
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Monday, January 6, 2014

Mason Jar Christmas Scene

My daughter made these cute "scenes in a jar" for her homemade Christmas gifts this year.  Using a small snowman or reindeer, bottle brush trees, and fake snow, she assembled each of them in a mason jar to create the fun gift.  

This jar was decorated mostly all around on the outside, but some jars do have one blank side...and there are even some that have all blank sides.

Mason jars are inexpensive and very popular now for all kinds of projects.  I knew she was up to something when I called her before Thanksgiving and she was at Hobby Lobby! :) Now I know what it was!
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Homemade Christmas Gifts

A fun family tradition on my husband's side of the family: Homemade Christmas gifts.  I'll go through each of them for the next several posts, but will start with mine.  

I hadn't ever done this gift before, even though my mom had actually posted a recipe for it on here several years ago. It didn't seem "homemade" enough for me - just mixing together three ingredients.  But, this fall, when I got some at a ladies' retreat, I thought, "Why is it NOT homemade 'enough'?"  I couldn't figure out why I had thought that before :).  So, homemade gift, it was!
You will need: 16 oz. baby lotion (My favorite is Johnson's brand.)
8 oz. Vitamin E cream (sorry for the blurry pics). Each of these little jars is 4 oz.
And 8 oz. coconut oil (solid, not melted.)  Mix together with handheld mixer until it resembles icing.  It makes a wonderful, light moisturizer that smells good, too!

To make it even more "homemade", I used these little burlap bags I had bought at The Container Store several years ago.
The bag was stamped with a design on both sides using black ink. After the bag was filled I attached a stamped "Merry Christmas" tag.
I put the cream in a small plastic jar with a black lid. I found these jars in the art section of Hobby Lobby (in the artist's painting section, near the framing station).  I hot glued Chevron ribbon around the jar and topped it with a burlap flower.
With the extra lotion, I filled a few bigger jars that will be used in the future for gifts.  The burlap flower fit on the outside for this size of jar.  My mom got one of these in her stocking.  They were found in that same art section, but are double the size (8 oz., I think.)
Why is everything cuter when it's small???  I loved seeing these little bags all piled up! :)

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