Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Facebook Blog Page!

Usually this blog, as well as my "Shine Like Stars" blog, would post to my Facebook page.  Yesterday I decided to make a new Facebook page at where the two blogs would be sent.  This way, those who want to follow the posts can do so, and those who don't want to follow won't have them in their news feed.

Because I post things for school, 4-H, PTO, these two blogs, plus our parenting blog, it would sometimes be over-whelming in the newsfeed, and that's definitely not a good thing!  So, if you're on Facebook, and you want to join the group, go on over.  If not, it's okay! You will still receive the posts via email, if that's how you usually get them.  You can also come to the blog itself at any time.

I have no clue how many follow this blog. I lost the info of how to see that information many years ago.  All I know is that I get messages from all over saying that they enjoy it or they have something fun for me to I appreciate YOU.  Thank you! Lori
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