Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Easy Way of Freezing Fresh Peaches

We love fresh peaches! In fact, we had just gotten two cases of fresh peaches from Cunningham Peaches out of Colorado (Look them up.  They will be making OK and TX deliveries again soon!) and was planning to freeze a lot of them to enjoy for several months.  I wasn't looking forward to working them all up. I'm not really good about things like that and knew I had to get it done and not allow any time to get rotten.  Thankfully in my Facebook newsfeed, a brilliant tip came into view by Heavenly Homemakers!  It was about freezing peaches WHOLE, then just being able to get out one, two, or more...for anything we wanted to use them for! Wow! What a GREAT idea!

Lay washed and dried peaches out on a pan.

Freeze several hours.

Freeze in freezer bags.  Pull out of bag as needed.  Peaches will take a while to thaw. I haven't thawed out any, yet, but Heavenly Homemakers also says that when it begins to thaw, the skins will peel off easily if desired.

After telling my mom about this tip, she talked to some friends and they've done it this way for years, so it's not a new idea; however, it's new to me, and I'm excited! Maybe it's new to you, too :).

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