Friday, January 10, 2014

Going Green! - Homemade Christmas Gifts

One brother and sister-in-law went "GREEN" on homemade gifts this year. She harvested chives from her herb garden, made these cute Chevron envelopes for them, and gave us each some to use.  She also gave us a cutting from her Redbud tree. We'll be planting it in a few months.

But, probably my very favorite homemade gift of all times is these little wooden card holders.  My brother-in-law made some several years ago. They gave each of us a set of four, but as our families grew, our need for more card holders grew!  So, he made us all another set.  YAY!

This is one of the originals. Each one had the order/sequences of hands in our family-traditional-card-game, Liverpool Rummy. If you haven't played, you should!  So, you see, when you have 15 cards, plus extras, your hand gets really tired of holding them! With these beauties, you don't have to hold them! Yippee!  Best thing ever invented - well, one of the best things, anyway! :)
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Frances said...

The chives were an excellent gift! My hubby loves to cook with chives and they are so expensive. We tried growing them, but living in an apartment, it wasn't very successful. So I get them for him for gifts, like on Father's Day. LOL!

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