Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Using What You Have - Burlap Wall Craft

I have a bad habit of buying craft stuff, but not using it. I think it's because of where we live. We're an hour away from Hobby Lobby, so when I see something I might need, I get it. You just never know when you'll need to make something, so I always want to make sure I have what it takes to make it!
And it might just be because I'm a hoarder. Yes, that's possible, but it doesn't sound as good as the explanation above, so we'll just go with it. :)
So, my goal this year is to use up what I have, as much as possible. And when I wanted some new thing for a black spot on a wall, I remembered this goal and went looking for a solution.
I had a blank canvas, lots of burlap, a pretty roll of burlap ribbon, a faux metal tile backsplash that was kind of warped after falling on a steaming pot of boiling noodles, and a burlap/material flower that was pinned to a lampshade.
I wrapped the canvas with burlap, stapling it into place. Did the same with the burlap ribbon.  I cut the backsplash into a heart shape and hot-glued it into place, then aded the burlap/material flower.  It was a perfect solution to the blank wall and used up several of my extra supplies.  Yay!!!
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