Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Homemade Christmas Gifts

A fun family tradition on my husband's side of the family: Homemade Christmas gifts.  I'll go through each of them for the next several posts, but will start with mine.  

I hadn't ever done this gift before, even though my mom had actually posted a recipe for it on here several years ago. It didn't seem "homemade" enough for me - just mixing together three ingredients.  But, this fall, when I got some at a ladies' retreat, I thought, "Why is it NOT homemade 'enough'?"  I couldn't figure out why I had thought that before :).  So, homemade gift, it was!
You will need: 16 oz. baby lotion (My favorite is Johnson's brand.)
8 oz. Vitamin E cream (sorry for the blurry pics). Each of these little jars is 4 oz.
And 8 oz. coconut oil (solid, not melted.)  Mix together with handheld mixer until it resembles icing.  It makes a wonderful, light moisturizer that smells good, too!

To make it even more "homemade", I used these little burlap bags I had bought at The Container Store several years ago.
The bag was stamped with a design on both sides using black ink. After the bag was filled I attached a stamped "Merry Christmas" tag.
I put the cream in a small plastic jar with a black lid. I found these jars in the art section of Hobby Lobby (in the artist's painting section, near the framing station).  I hot glued Chevron ribbon around the jar and topped it with a burlap flower.
With the extra lotion, I filled a few bigger jars that will be used in the future for gifts.  The burlap flower fit on the outside for this size of jar.  My mom got one of these in her stocking.  They were found in that same art section, but are double the size (8 oz., I think.)
Why is everything cuter when it's small???  I loved seeing these little bags all piled up! :)

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Frances said...

I think this is a wonderful homemade gift! Who wouldn't love to get some wonderful skin cream?

Unknown said...

Thanks, Frances!

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