Monday, July 12, 2010

Freezing Fresh Corn on the Cob

A friend recently visited a town that grows lots of corn.  She and her husband took orders from people all over town and then spent several hours delivering the corn when they arrived back here in Tipton.  I think she said she had 40 orders at $10.00 each.  The corn came in a huge grocery bag piled high.

I had never put up fresh corn on the cob, but this same friend told me just what to do - using the dishwasher I had washed a large amount of potatoes in the dishwasher before baking them. 

The corn turned out perfectly.  In fact, that same friend said it could be eaten straight from the dishwasher.  I tried it - delicious! For this Gratituesday, I'm grateful for fresh corn on the cob - straight from the garden and into my dishwasher, then into my freezer!  To see what others are grateful for, visit Heavenly Homemakers.

Step 1:  Remove husks and silk.
Step 2:  Place corn in dishwasher.  Wash (without soap, of course) on normal cycle and heated drying cycle.
Step 3:  Remove heated corn and put in pot filled with ice water to stop the cooking.
Step 4: Once cool, remove the corn, drain thoroughly (I used paper towels), and package for freezing.
Step 5:  Place corn in several zipper-type freezer bags and place in freezer.

Cook and enjoy!
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Kristin said...

What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing. I am going to try that too!

Frances said...

What a great idea! Thanks!

Lori said...

I forgot to say on this post, but you can actually eat the corn on the cob right from the dishwasher, too. (I tried was great!). Thanks to both of you for your comments. Lori

Anonymous said...

What about the auto rinse-aid?

Lori said...

Sorry about the late reply, but.....I use vinegar in the dishwasher, so it won't harm the corn. I'm not sure what's in rinse aids, BUT if it's a chemical, of course, don't use this idea! Wouldn't want you to get sick! :)

Asif said...
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Sarah said...

How long, from beginning to end, are the curbs typically in the dishwasher for?

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