Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coca Cola Marinated Steak

Posted by Lori:

A few weeks ago I bought a Coca Cola (referred to as "Coke" in the remainder of this post) cookbook. I looked through and found many new recipes to try, although I was surprised to see that not ALL of the recipes had Coke as an ingredient (I found that really strange, actually, since is was name Coca Cola Cookbook!). Anyway, the first recipe I tried was a steak marinade. It wasn't anything special to any of my family, but I decided to try the Coke again.  I really wanted it to be good!  Tonight I tried it again, but added some other ingredients. This is the marinade I came up with and our family thought it was great!

4 pounds steak if your choice
2 cups Coca Cola (Coke)
2 tablespoons steak seasoning (I used Durkee brand Grill Creations, Kansas City Style)
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

Place steaks in glass casserole dish.  In small bowl, mix together Coke, steak seasoning, and Worcestershire sauce.  Pour over steaks.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for two hours or more.  Turn steaks over in the middle of marinating.  Grill or broil steaks as desired, basting with marinade during cooking (***see note below).

****When using a marinade to baste your steak, stop basting it five minutes before you finish cooking, so the raw meat juice traces in the marinade can cook thoroughly.

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