Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chicken Spaghetti

Posted by Kimberly:

For the past three years, we have spent Memorial weekend with my husband's family. Our family and his sister's family meet at his parents' house and we eat, fish, have a campfire cookout, ride 4-wheelers, and eat some more. This time when we were there, Craig's mom served us chicken spaghetti at one meal. I have a chicken spaghetti recipe that I have used in the past but never was that crazy about it. It just didn't have a lot of flavor. Well, the one Craig's mom made was really good and flavorful, so I quickly "stole" her recipe! :)

Chicken Spaghetti

4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cooked and chopped/shredded

1 lb. spaghetti

Chicken broth or water

1 bell pepper, diced

1 yellow onion, diced

2 lbs. Velveeta, cubed

1 stick butter (plus a little more for sauteing)

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 can cream of mushroom soup

3 cans Rotel

Cook spaghetti in water or in chicken broth until al dente. While spaghetti is cooking, saute bell pepper and onion in butter. After vegetables are sauteed, add Velveeta, cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom soup, Rotel and 1 stick of butter. Cook over low heat until Velveeta and butter are melted, stirring frequently. After sauce is melted, add it and the chicken to the spaghetti and mix thoroughly. Pour into two, greased 9x13 baking dishes. Cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees until bubbly hot.

This makes a lot and is great for large groups. Also, you can serve one for your family and freeze the other or take it to family in need.

Next time I make this dish, I am going to reduce the amount of Rotel that I use by 1-2 cans. It was a little too spicy for my kids, so I think that would help them eat it better.

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Jenny C. said...

Tried this tonight. All I can say is I absolutely loved it! My kids really liked it and one of them is pretty picky. I even had enough for leftovers, which I gave to my neighbor. Her family really loved it too!! Thank you!

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