Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun Food 4 Kidz

I thought it would be fun to post "Fun Food 4 Kidz" from time to time. These aren't really "recipes", just easy and fun things that kids will especially enjoy making themselves. And, of course they'll enjoy eating their creations!

One of my favorite things to do with my own children, as well as when other children come over for birthday parties and slumber parties or sleep-overs, is to have them create their own pizza using their favorite toppings. The kids are always excited to get to create their special pizza and then get to eat it when it's done.

Either purchase small, individual pizza crusts, make your own dough, or my favorite - use frozen bread dough (I buy Rhodes brand frozen dinner rolls). Two thawed dinner rolls will make a nice sized personal pizza.

Place pizza sauce (either in one larger bowl or several small, individual bowls) and toppings where the kids can reach them and let them create their own pizza. If you're baking a lot of pizzas, it's good to mark them some way so you will remember whose each one is...or at least I have to do that to remember! It's sometimes hard for the kids to tell which one was theirs because they look different when cooked!

One more "Fun Food 4 Kidz" is "Frito Pie in a Bag". We first ate this in Sante Fe, New Mexico several years ago at a little restaurant there. They were selling them like crazy! My husband and I thought it was such a neat idea, especially for children.
Cut a one inch strip off of one side of a Frito corn chip bag. Spoon chili on the Fritos and top with cheese. Some people may also want onions, ketchup or mustard, as well. In Sante Fe, the bags were served with lettuce and tomatoes, if desired...kind of a corn chip salad.

Enjoy these "Fun Foods 4 Kidz"!
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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Love the frito pie in a bag idea! May just have to use that for senior lunch! Of course, they may want more than 1 bag!!!

Let'sMakeADifference said...

I love the Frito Pie idea! :) Sounds like the perfect solution for my son's birthday party in September!!

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