Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Walt Disney World - Via Napoli

Posted by Lori:

Yesterday I told you I would share more Walt Disney World foods with you.  Today I will feature the Epcot restaurant, Via Napoli, which was our very first meal using the Disney Dining Plan (known as DDP).  We had never used the DDP before because in the past we had stayed in a rental house.  But this time, as part of our surprise trip, my husband got my daughter and I the DDP.  What fun it was to try new foods at Disney World!

Neither my daughter or I were sure what to order from the menu, but we just decided on something that 'sounded' good.  Let me tell you:  It was DELICIOUS!  The pictures don't make a big statement at all....just looks like regular Italian food, but the taste was anything but regular and simple.  So very flavorful!  We both thought the dishes were great!
Lauren got spaghetti and meatballs, which were probably called something else on the menu (pictured below).
I ordered some kind of cream sauce (didn't say Alfredo, but it was close) with Rigatoni and chicken.  YUM!
Dessert was good, as well.  Lauren got a pistachio, lemon gelato with an almond brittle cookie thing.  She really liked it, though it wasn't anything I would have ordered.
My dessert was an Italian cream soda with vanilla gelato.  So delicious!  What a super first meal using the DDP!  We were hooked at the first meal! :)

For our evening meal at Epcot, we ate a quick meal from the China part of the World Showcase.  It was delicious, too, though we forgot to take pictures.  Lauren and I got sweet and sour chicken with rice, plus dessert was an apple/cinnamon egg roll.  I want to try to make those some time!

Tomorrow I'll share foods from Hollywood Studios!

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