Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve Recipes

Posted by Lori:

Thanksgiving is a special time for my husband's side of the family. There are lots of traditions surrounding the holiday.

The tradition begins with singing night at the church building on Wednesday evening....Thanksgiving Eve.  My husband's family (some from here, some from out of town) come, along with many others that live here and also many visitors that are in town for the Thanksgiving holiday.  It's a great evening with our family, and other friends' families, all gathering together to begin the Thanksgiving holiday by giving thanks and singing songs of praise.

Following the singing, my husband's family (his three brothers, two sisters, their spouses, children, and in-laws....and now even one little great-grand child) gathers at my in-law's house for food and games.  There will be 35 family members together this year (with one not able to be here), but also three a full house, for sure!  It calls for lots and lots of food!

Listed below are a few of the recipes my kids and I will be making for Thanksgiving Eve. (Click underlined links for recipes.) Each of my children have their "certain things" they like to make for this evening every year.  We spend Tuesday night and all day Wednesday preparing the food. When I think back to when I used to do it all myself, I can't believe I ever got it all done!  They are such great helpers!  It's a fun time with all of us in the kitchen.  Usually while we are preparing the food, my husband is spending the day working on the outside Christmas lights.  I think he likes it better that way :).

A few of our "Thanksgiving Eve Recipes":

Cheese Ball
Tortilla Wrap-Ups
Hawaiian Roll Sandwiches
Mini Calzones
Potato Skins
Puppy Chow

Of course, on Thanksgiving Day, we have all of the traditional Thanksgiving food, but we also have other fun family traditions.  Thanksgiving morning we have a "Turkey Trot", which is a one mile run and a 5K run.  After the run we eat homemade cinnamon rolls, which were originally made by my husband's grandmother (who is now deceased), and then by his dad.  But now, due to his dad's failing health, the cinnamon roll making has been passed down to two of my husband's brothers.  A passed-down tradition....still just as yummy!

On Thanksgiving afternoon, we have, yet, another tradition.  Each year my husband and sons plant pumpkins, so for the past 10 years, we've had a "Pumpkin Bash".  We all gather and smash the pumpkins!  There is a "pitcher" and the pumpkins are hit with a baseball bat!  It's so much fun and a highlight for many....especially all of the neices and nephews.  New family members are initiated into the family by hitting the most squishy pumpkin that can be found.  Isn't that nice????!! :)

Here's a link about our Thanksgiving 2009.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Can't wait! I think your cheese ball is my favorite!

Melinda said...

I love your family! What fun traditions - especially whacking those pumpkins! I'm so glad you did a mile run on Thanksgiving Day - especially after eating everything all that good stuff for 2 days! Have a great time!

Lori said...

See you tonight, Robin!

Melinda - Thank you! Maybe you can add a run and a pumpkin bash to your Thanksgiving Day, too! :0) Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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