Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gumdrop Trees

Posted by Donna:

While our grandchildren were here from Lubbock this weekend, I decided to let them each make a gumdrop tree. These are simple and fun to make---adults enjoy making them as well. They make great gifts for any age.

Materials needed:

White styrofoam shaped cones
bags of multi-colored gumdrops

First, break the toothpicks in half. Insert the broken ends of the toothpicks into the gumdrops and insert the sharp ends of the toothpicks into the cone. Start at the very top of the cone and work your way down and around. It's best not to have any of the white cone showing. When working with kids, though, it's best to let them do it they way they choose.

It was fun watching the kids make theirs. Blake, the oldest, had his finished pretty quickly. He really didn't plan out any system of doing it---but it turned out really cute. Emily, the middle one, wanted each row to be a different color. She also wanted the white to show between the rows. Townley, the five year old, worked very hard on hers. She was very particular and made sure none of the white cone was showing on hers. I love watching how children put their own personal touches on things.

A few years ago, I started making these. Some I gave as gifts. I also gave a couple of them as prizes when some of the ladies from church were here at my house for a cookie swap. Gumdrop trees used to be an old-time favorite decoration. They're very nostalgic. I love them!!!!!
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Wa Wa Waughs said...

And somehow they last for years! I still have one Lori made for our homemade Christmas gift years ago. Only one of the gumdrops color faded.

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