Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Posted by Donna:

For years, I've heard about these. A very good friend of mine said she and her family have them once a year at Christmas time and that it was a family tradition to do so. Nothing in the way of food has sounded very appealing to me this week; so, yesterday, I decided to make these. I 'm glad I did.

Monte Cristo Sandwiches

4 slices white bread (I always buy whole grain, but all the recipes I've ever seen suggest using the white.)

4 eggs, beaten

1/2 cup milk

honey mustard ( Dijon can be used instead of the honey mustard.)

2 slices sharp cheddar cheese (Any kind of sliced cheese will work.)

deli ham ( I love the Sara Lee's Virginia Ham at the Wal-Mart deli)

Put the honey mustard on two sides of the bread slices. Then lay one slice of cheese on top of the mustard, followed by the ham. Put the two tops on each of the layered slices.

After mixing the milk and eggs together, pour them into a bowl or container in which the sandwiches can easily lay flat. Dip the whole sandwiches--one at a time---- in the egg/milk mixture. Turn the sandwich over and dip the other side.

Melt a good amount of butter in a pan on your cooktop. Place each sandwich in the melted butter. Brown on one side, then flip it over. Put a lid on the pan after you flip it so all the eggs will cook. Brown the other side. Make sure the butter doesn't burn.

I like this sandwich better after it has cooled about 10 minutes. I've always loved French toast. I guess this is why this sandwich has always appealed to me. To me, this is a sandwich that can be adjusted any way you want to fix it. The main thing is dipping the bread in the mixture then browning it. Some recipes will tell you to fry it, but this seems better to me.

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