Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Handprint/Footprint Christmas Canvases

Posted by Lori:

I hope you don't mind if during the Christmas season we post a few "craft" recipes for you.  We enjoy handmade crafts and thought you might, too!

Handprint crafts are so special.  They are special because it is a part of our children's or grandchildren's lives.  The handprints take our minds back to the time when the craft was made and bring back many happy memories.

I remember wanting to make this handprint tree for several years before we actually did it.  I wanted to wait until we knew our family was complete, so waited until baby #4 was born.  Since Tyler was born in December, I waited until the next year to complete the Christmas tree canvas.  At the time this was done, our children were 9, 7, 5, and 1.  They did a great job and even my husband cooperated and made his handprints for the bottom branches.  I'm pretty sure that's his first and last handprint craft!

The red balls on the tree have our names and the children's ages at that time.

That same year, in December of 2003, I had each of our children make their own handprint/footprint canvas.  While I wanted the Christmas tree perfectly shaped, this little reindeer Tyler (age 1) made is very imperfect, but also very special to me.  I remember taking his little hand and dipping it in the paint, then carefully placing his hand on the canvas, only to have him make a fist and smear it a little!  It's sweet, I think, even with the smear!

Jacob's (age 5 at that time) canvas was a footprint snowman.  Recently my boys have done footprint snowmen on gray sleep shirts for Christmas pajamas.  I bought them matching flannel pajama pants.  Our daughter hasn't had time to make hers, yet., but I look forward to taking a picture of them all together in their new pj's!  Jacob used his finger to make the snowflakes.

Zachary (age 7 at the time) made a handprint Santa.  I had him do this one because I knew he was the right age to be able to hold his thumb out and make the Santa hat look right.  To do this Santa, paint red across the child's thumb and the base of the hand.  Paint the palm a light flesh color and the fingers and the tip of the thumb white.  This is a great craft to make for an ornament.  Do painted handprint on a piece of cardstock.  Allow to dry.  Cut around the Santa with decorative scissors, make a hole in the top with a hole punch, tie a string and hang from the tree.

I remember that Lauren was excited to do her handprint/footprint angel mostly by herself.  She wanted to paint the eyes, hair and mouth without any help or suggestions.  At 9 years old, that was perfect for her at that time.  To make the angel, paint the heel flesh colored and the rest of the foot white.  Painted handprints on each side of the footprint make the angel's wings.
I am grateful for handprint/footprint crafts that bring back memories of my children's younger years.  It is a special keepsake and will be for years to come!

What are you grateful for on this Gratituesday?

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JessieLeigh said...

I love all those- what beautiful memories captured on paper. I love art that incorporates my kids' hand and foot prints... it kind of freezes that time for me. :)

That tree is amazing- what a wonderful keepsake! I will absolutely have to bookmark and steal that idea!

Lori said...

Have fun making your handprint tree and thanks for stopping by. Lori

Unknown said...

these are all so cute, i'm going to link from my blog later this week. thanks for the ideas!

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