Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sugar Cookie Fundraiser

Posted by Lori:
Last week our local 4-H club had a sugar cookie fundraiser.  Since I'm the leader, I volunteered to make the sugar cookies. 
Monday I baked and baked.  Tuesday I baked and baked.  Wednesday I should have baked and baked! All of the cookies were frozen until ready to decorate on Thursday.
Early Thursday morning I began decorating the cookies, and even though I had some orders turned in, most of them I didn't get until after school Thursday.  I pre-made 18 eight inch round cookies that were to be personalized and had approximately 150 Easter shaped smaller cookies ready, as well.  However, after tallying the orders, I needed 47 big round cookies and only half or less of the smaller ones!
So that night after softball and baseball games, I baked and baked and baked some more!  And decorated and decorated and decorated some more!
Sleep?  Who needs it?  Well, I did by 10:30 the next morning!  Thankfully an hour nap boosted me for the rest of the day.  The cookies were delivered on time.
The fundraiser was very successful and everyone seems to have enjoyed their Easter cookies.
Another 4-H mom helped me package the cookies.  And yet another 4-H mom and the elementary school secretary helped me distribute the cookies to the students.
Many people ask about the icing recipe.  It's just powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla. Color as desired with paste or gel food coloring.  Make it thick and then pipe around the cookies to outline. Allow to set. Thin icing with more milk and fill in the area.  On the larger round cookies, the decorated border is buttercream frosting (cake decorating-type).  The extra decorated sugar cookies made decorating the big ones extra easy and cute, too!
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