Saturday, November 28, 2009

Recipe for a Happy Day

Posted by Donna:

Because I missed my scheduled post on Thursday night, I decided to post this special recipe that can benefit all of us by reading it every day and applying it to our lives.

1 cup friendly words
Dash of humor
2 heaping cups of understanding
Pinch of warm personality
4 heaping teaspoons of time and patience

Instructions for mixing: Measure words carefully. Add heaping cups of understanding; use generous amounts of time and patience. Cook on front burner. Keep temperature low---do not boil!!!!! Add dash of humor and pinch of warm personality. Season to taste with spice of life. Serve in individual molds.

I really think if we use these exact ingredients, this recipe for a Happy Day would never fail us.
Have a good weekend and many Happy Days ahead.
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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I like it that the biggest ingredient is UNDERSTANDING! I think there would be a lot less fussing if we took a step back and saw things from others' point of view!

Donna said...

That's very true. Usually if we had to walk in someone else's shoes, we would feel the same way or do the same thing---or worse!!!!

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