Thursday, February 24, 2011

Necklace Charm Craft

Posted by Lori:

Although I'm not much of a jewelry wearer myself, I think the handmade jewelry crafts are really cute and fun!  I enjoyed making these, for sure!  I'll give them away or sell them or something... 

Anyway, I found these cute little charms that are indented and used a Modge Podge product called Dimensional Magic, which dries clear and forms a thick coating on crafts (Mom posted clothes pins with fabric that had this type of product on top.)  The charms turned out really cute and I look forward to making the rest of them!
Modge Podge Dimensional Magic ($4.99 at Hobby Lobby and could use a coupon and get it cheaper)
Other supplies needed:  waxed paper, scissors, indented necklace charms, scrapbook paper, stickers if desired, pen or pencil, and glue (such as regular Elmer's school glue).
Set of 6 Charms - fronts are indented for decorating (these were $2.47 at Hobby Lobby, but on sale so1/2 price!).
Option #1:  Place charm on scrapbook paper.  Trace around shape with pen or pencil. 
I just left the part blank where ring was, but filled it in by hand.

Cut out shape, but make it a little smaller than marking so that it will fit into indention.
Place small amount of glue on indented part of charm.
Place paper into indention on top of glue.
Option #2:  Press small piece of scrapbook paper over back side of charm and rub with finger or gently with fingernail to make shape.  Cut with scissors, a little bit inside shape marks.  Glue shape into indented part of charm.
Follow directions on Modge Podge Dimensional Magic, but basically, just fill the indention with the product.  It says not to shake bottle or there will be bubbles.  I had bubbles anyway, but just removed them with the tip of my finger. (The bottle may have other hints....I'm just not a fine print reader :). 
Allow to dry for at least three hours.  Now you have a custom made necklace charm to add to any chain.  Aren't they cute???  I might even wear one myself some day! 

The best this about these is that they are so inexpensive to make!  Check Hobby Lobby and Michael's for specials and coupons to get items on half price, but even at full price, since I already had the scrapbook paper, all six charms were only $7.50 plus tax.  Yeah!
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Sherri Jacobs said...

Lori, I LOVE them!!! Thanks so much for posting this! and to think I was at Hobby Lobby today and hadn't seen this post. I will be buying some stuff next time I'm there for sure.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Very cute! I think the dimensional stuff is what we used on the domino necklaces! Just made them once so I can't remember.

Lori said...

Sherri - They are fun! Micah used stuff like this for a 4-H domino necklace. It was so cute!
Robin - Yes, probably so! There is another product that closely resembles this, but it was $10, so I opted for the cheaper. It might be a little thicker, though, and be better on certain products. The lady at Hobby Lobby seemed to know a lot about the product and helped me decided.

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