Sunday, May 2, 2010


Are you baking potatoes for a large group? Instead of washing them one by one, wash them in the dishwasher. Place potatoes in the top rack and wash - without detergent, of course. Some sites suggest the top rack only, but at church fellowship meals, we use the bottom rack as well, without a problem. If you have a quick rinse feature, that would be best.

Here's a funny story about dishwasher-washed potatoes:
Several years ago my niece was in charge of a college retreat to be held at the church's college building. She washed the potatoes and wrapped them in foil a few days before the event. When she got ready to begin baking them, she happened to unwrap one of them and saw that it had molded!

So....the moral of this story is if you don't intend to use your potatoes immediately, do not wrap them in foil, but allow them to dry completely. My niece had to make a flying trip to the grocery store, then hand wash all of the newly purchased potatoes and get them into the ovens quickly.  But she and her college friends had a good laugh about their predicament!
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