Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cherry Limeade Sherbet Punch

Posted by Lori:

This is my very favorite party punch. It is a pretty pink color, but also tastes great! Here in Oklahoma, we have Braum's Ice Cream stores, which sell cherry limeade sherbet. It's possible that other places around the world have their own brand, as well. If not, maybe you can find them seperately - lime sherbet and then cherry sherbet - and make it that way.

1 carton of cherry limeade sherbet
2 liters of lemon-lime soda (like Sprite or 7up)

Spoon sherbet into large punch bowl. Pour soda over sherbet. Serve and enjoy!
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Wa Wa Waughs said...


Anonymous said...

Made this for an office party today and it was a huge hit!! I had to double the recipe. I just used the lemon lime pop they have at Braum's also and the whole thing cost $10.
Great recipe!!

Lori said...

Great to hear! Glad all enjoyed it! I actually would like some right now :). Thanks for commenting!

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