Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lady Bug Theme

Last night our church ladies had a Ladies' Night Out for ladies to come together for a time of devotion and fellowship.  We had 120 come to the event!

One of the ladies from the church made these cute little lady bug candies.  They're almost too cute to eat - ALMOST!

Hobby Lobby had this really cute lady bug burlap. They also had these garden pot hanging lady bugs - perfect to hang on the mason jars.  Fresh daisies were beautiful in the jars
Hobby Lobby also has a new line of lady bug party decorations.  They had the little baskets used as centerpieces.  This grass came from Michael's, but Hobby Lobby has some that we used, as well.  The little wooden lady bugs were from Michael's and Hobby Lobby.
We ordered these 2 1/4 inch terra cotta pots from Dollar Tree. They were really cheap, and come in sets of three.  Some of our young moms and young women got together to paint them red with lady bug spots, then filled a little heart envelope with seeds and taped to the inside. The directions are on the bottom of the scripture card.

It's so much fun seeing things come together.  Different ladies did different things, but it all came together perfectly!  Thanks to all who helped in any way!  
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Anonymous said...

Adorable. Love the ladybug pots.

Happy first day of Spring


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