Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chevron Bunny Wall Art

While decorating for Spring over "Spring Break", I decided I wanted some kind of bunny wall art.  I decided to look at Pinterest (unusual for me!) for "Easter wall art" or "Bunny Burlap"...something like that. I had this burlap canvas (purchased at Hobby Lobby on sale for $3.00), so planned to use it.

I saw a really cute Chevron fabric bunny, but I didn't have any Chevron fabric. Then I happened to remember that I had bought Chevron napkins and plates for Easter and a ladies' salad supper I'm having  next month.  I figured I could get two bunnies out of each napkin, and I would do two napkins - so four bunnies for my four children. But, to my surprise, there were SIX bunnies that cut out all at the same time! So, I figured I'd make our whole family!

The bunnies were quickly added to the canvas with a dot of hot glue in a few places. The cotton ball was hot glued for the tail. A quick Easter/Spring decoration for less than $4.00!!!
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