Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Grandma Nell's Macaroni and Cheese

From Lori: Mom posted this recipe five years ago (NOTICE MY NOTE OF THE CHEESE I USE), but since I'm making it this morning for a youth lunch, I decided to post it again. This was my Great Grandma Nell's recipe. Even though it's still great, it's never like hers. I think the cheese just isn't the same as hers. I think her original recipe said Velveeta Slices.  Whichever cheese you use, you will find this recipe very adjustable!  

From Mom: This may seem like a strange recipe to post, or a very simple recipe to post; but, I visited with a lady one day, and she told me about the wonderful homemade macaroni and cheese she had eaten recently at a family get-together. I've always made homemade macaroni and cheese instead of buying the boxed. Not that the boxed isn't good. Some of my grandchildren prefer it over the homemade. I decided I should post my grandmother's recipe---it is definitely a wonderful homemade sidedish. It's the only one I ever make.

Macaroni and Cheese

Boil, then drain the macaroni--I always use a 16 oz. pkg. for our family of thirteen.

Butter the bottom of 9 x 13 baking dish. Put a layer of macaroni in the bottom of the dish. Put dollops of butter on top of the macaroni. Lay slices of sharp cheddar cheese (LORI USES KRAFT AMERICAN SLICED CHEESE) on top of the macaroni and butter. ( I like the Sargento cheese. I usually buy two 8 oz. pkg.) Put another layer of macaroni on top of the cheese. This time I put the cheese on top of the macaroni first. Then I put my dollops of butter on top of the cheese. Pour a can of  evaporated milk over the macaroni and cheese. Bake at 350 degrees until the cheese is beginning to brown.

There are times I have to add just a little more evaporated milk. You want your milk to come to the bottom of the TOP layer of macaroni. Usually one can is enough, but sometimes the macaroni soaks up the milk and you have to add just a little more. I'd rather have too little than too much.

(Note from Lori:  Sometimes I add more cheese....stir it half way through cooking....then taste it to see if anything needs adjusting. But that's probably because I am always making it in a HUGE catering aluminum pan and I don't do it the same every time!)
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