Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

During Valentine's Day weekend, my husband and boys had gone skiing. My daughter came in from college to visit.  We had a fun weekend together - just cooking, going to basketball games, watching movies, and visiting. 

I had been at Sam's Club on the 13th, and they had HUGE long, stemmed strawberries for sale, and were giving out samples of chocolate covered strawberries. You could tell they were really gearing up for Valentine's sales.  There were flowers everywhere, these strawberries, candy, and steaks!  It was a one-stop place to get things to show your love and affection for your mate or boyfriend/girlfriend, for sure!

So these strawberries sat on the counter, just waiting for some chocolate, until Saturday.  Lauren used a few King sized Hershey bars, melted them, and coated the.  They dried for a little while, then we ate them - ALL.  Ohhhhh, they were delicious.  And healthy, too! :)

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