Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Upcycled Coffee Containers

(Photo from Hometalk)

Possibly one of the cutest upcycle projects EVER!!!  The instructions can be found HERE.  One of the problems some have mentioned about this project is that the can't get the coffee smell out of the containers.  On her Facebook page, the author had several comments from a readers that said how to do rid them of the smell.  I would do the vinegar suggestions.  I use vinegar for lots of things - especially for cleaning.

1.  Soak over night in apple cider vinegar, then put newspapers inside overnight and in two nights the coffee smell should be gone.

2. Empty them out. Fill with vinegar and water. Let set for 20-30 minutes.  Rinse and dry. Any smell should be gone.

3.  Someone else suggested putting baking soda in them to absorb the smell.

The only problem I see with this craft, is that we don't drink coffee, BUT there are millions and millions of people who do, so you and I should be able to get these containers without problem.  In fact, my husband was gone for a few days, so I was in charge of feeding the goats and pigs.  It just so happens that he uses these containers for some of their feed supplements!  So he has a source somewhere!  I'll just have to find out from him where....or sneak a few feed containers from him! Ha ha!  Not really. They don't have lids....otherwise, I just might! :)
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