Thursday, February 6, 2014

Appliqued Hand Towel - Homemade Christmas Gift

This cute appliqued hand towel was made by a sister-in-law who didn't get to be here for Christmas. She enjoys sewing, so put her talents to work by making this cute towel!
Funny that I had actually thought about doing a gift like this.  The only thing that stopped me was the "sewing" part!! Ha ha!!!  That's the thing I don't like to do. I even wanted to be a home economics teacher, but the sewing was a the part I was dreading teaching.  So, I just ditched the whole idea :).  

I'm not sure where she got these towels, but if you have a Sam's Club near you and are a member, I know that they sell "Bar Mop Towels" that amount to about $1.00 each. That, plus some scrap fabrics, could be lots of these cute towels to use for homemade gifts.  Such a cute idea!
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Anonymous said...

It is a cute idea. Do they have home ec teachers anymore? They don't in this school district were I live or near by. These days if you have one of those super computerized way expensive machines its got to be easier. ;)


Unknown said...

Ericka, There ARE still some Home Ec teachers, but not least in Oklahoma. That's a BIG reason that I didn't go ahead with that plan (other than the sewing part) because it was only at OSU and being fazed out in most small schools. i'm thankful that they are trying to bring a form of it back. This year we have a Life Skills class that is teaching some home/family skills. She's teaching cooking some, but no sewing! Yippee! :)

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