Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Wild About You" Valentine's Banquet

Sunday was the annual Valentine's Banquet for the "Senior Saints" of our church family.
This year, I chose to do a "Wild About You" theme, because of the really cute party supplies Hobby Lobby had in their Valentine's section.
Some of the young people helped me with the decorations by making placemats and bookmarks.  The older people really enjoyed these decorations - especially the ones made by the kids!
We have some glass vases at our fellowship building that I, and others, use for all of the events we host.  I found some tall glass candles at Dollar Tree that work perfectly in the center of the vases.  These candles have been used for one year (but went in the trash after this event!).  They've been replaced with new candles that will be used for the next year. 
The zebra print burlap was attached using glue dots, so nothing is stuck to the glass vase.  The inner candle was wrapped with black cardstock paper then surrounded with pink tulle.  I found the zebra print doilies at a party store in Oklahoma City.
I didn't get a very good picture of the Valentine Banner hanging by the teens' heads, but it was just hearts glued onto triangle shapes and clipped with mini clothes pins onto a zebra print ribbon.
The "Wild About You" theme was carried throughout the room, but I tried to "tone down" the decor a bit.  I didn't have a lot of time to decorate and also, it didn't take very long to take down.  It was still cute, even though it was really simple.  I need to adopt the word SIMPLIFY in a lot of things! :)  I'm getting better about that! 
I decorate the other side of the building - where the teens and young adults sit, but not too much. We want the Senior Saints to feel like it's their special day....and they do.

What a great day celebrating and treating these special seniors who are great Christian examples to all of us!

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