Wednesday, February 27, 2013

About the Pancakes....

Yesterday I shared a GREAT recipe with you - Cinnamon Roll Pancakes!  I told you how delicious they were and that mine didn't turn out pretty like they should have - most likely because of the whipped butter I used instead of stick butter.

By some of the comments I had, I figured some of you thought the photo of the pancakes were mine, though, even though I said mine were ugly!  I forgot to give credit to someone else (Who??  I don't know, but not me!).  SOOOO, I wanted to straighten that up today!  So this photo is my pancakes.  Ugly and without the glaze on!

But the real reason I want to show you this picture is because I want you to see that it doesn't matter!!!  Your family, unless they are waaaaaayyyyyy picky, doesn't care if it's pretty.  You may!  I may!  But most likely they don't!  So don't be afraid of trying new things.  Don't worry if it doesn't "look just right".  Actually, I've even taken some "not so pretty" things to others....if I knew it still tasted good.  We're all human.  We're just real....not all big-named chefs. In 20 years no one is going to say, "Mom, remember those ugly pancakes you made?".  No, but they're remember that you cooked for them.  So do your best and don't stress! :)
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