Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jacob's Plan

Posted by Lori:

After our son Jacob came back from visiting my parents for a week, he made a goal to eat healthy and to quit eating junk.  I think they fed him way too good! :)

Jacob has always known - since he was in elementary school - that too much sugar bothered him.  I remember him saying it made his thinking "fuzzy".  Sometimes we could tell that he was a little upset with something - almost angry at times - and figured out that it had to do with sugar.  He wasn't diabetic, but seemed to be very sensitive to sugar.

Our kids are only allowed one soft drink a week - two on occasion - and they eat pretty healthy, for the most part.  But, as with most kids and some adults, too, sugar often the go-to food of choice if it is in close proximity.

Jacob began eating only healthy foods....meats, fruits, vegetables, and some whole wheat bread and cheese.  He began running almost every day and playing golf quite a bit, too.  He has lost a little weight and also grown taller this summer, but most importantly - he FEELS better!  He knows the way he is eating now has made a HUGE difference in the way he feels, thinks, acts, and even looks (that was not his goal - to lose any weight, but he can just tell his pants are looser!).

I don't believe sugar is good or necessary for any of us, but I know for a fact that for some people it is just really, really bad.  It doesn't affect me (visibly, that is).  It does affect my husband.  Maybe it affects you or your child.

It's extremely important for us to realize that food matters.  I'm not an expert on health and I certainly don't always follow what I know is good advice on the food I eat, BUT for children and adults who struggle with syndromes, diseases and problems in focusing and learning, food must be considered as a possibility.  A well known doctor who my husband has heard speak many times and I've had the privilege of speaking with on a plane flight home many years ago said she never treats any one with medication.  She alters their diet and sees amazing changes!

If you are struggling with your child's behavior problems, please consider the foods he/she eats.  Changing their food, instead of giving them some medication with scary side effects, may be just what the doctor ordered!  It may be just what they need.  It may be just what you need.

If you have any comments or questions about this or any of the info from the doctor, please let me know. I'll help you any way I can.

In the meantime, let Jacob encourage YOU as he has encouraged ME.  I tease him that if HE can do it, I can, too!

Note:  This doesn't mean I won't still post unhealthy recipes, though. :)  The rest of us aren't ready for the total plunge like Jacob is doing.  Baby steps.....
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Wa Wa Waughs said...

that is great that he can pay attention to what his body is telling him at such a young age~

Anonymous said...

Waaayyy too go Jacob. Thats awesome.


Unknown said...

Thank you!

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