Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"I Spy" Christmas Ornament.....Sort Of

Posted by Lori:

I thought I had a great idea for a craft last week.  Not trying it out beforehand, I took all of the supplies to the first 4-H meeting of the year and had the members make crafts for the local fair that was held last weekend.

I purchased clear glass ornaments, miniature Christmas charms, trinkets, and novelties....and the mini-mini styrofoam balls to make snow.  The plan was to put about 8 or 10 little things into the glass ornament and fill it with the "snow".  I thought it would be so much fun "spying" the snow - trying to find the mini goodies.  But my idea failed - BIG TIME!
As you can see, the "I Spy" ornaments don't have much to spy at all.  I see a glimpse of red and green, but nothing that looks like a jingle bell, a cookie cutter, a light bulb, a gingerbread man, a snow man, a snow flake, etc.  Nothing!  I really thought all of those mini items would be heavier than the styrofoam mini balls, so they would sink to the bottom, but no.
You may be asking, "Why did you post this?"  Well, I still think the idea sounds fun and thought maybe YOU could help me by giving ideas of what to do!  I can "Google" it or "Pinterest" it (that's a new phrase, I'm sure!), but want to get your ideas first.

Let me know what you think!

By the way......I still entered the ornaments in the fair.  The 4-H members would have been disappointed if I hadn't!
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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I think you've got a geometry problem with the shape- but I was terrible in geometry so really not sure how to help you! :0

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the main problem is static electricity and styrofoam. Maybe rice or oatmeal would work better.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Robin! Maybe so! Lauren is good in geometry. I'll ask! :)
Anonymous: I'll try that and see if it helps. Thank you!

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