Thursday, June 2, 2011

Joshua and the Battle of Jericho VBS Snack Craft

This week is Vacation Bible School (VBS) for us and one of our lessons (or so I thought - read here about my mistake) was Joshua and the Battle of Jericho.  I had bought a craft book and it had the idea to use graham crackers and rice cakes for Jericho's wall.  My students used gummy bears to march around their city, but my own children ate all of the remaining gummy bears so I had to find something else to show you! These cute gingerbread man marshmallows worked perfectly!  (Teddy Grahams would be cute, too.) The "Bugles" were added for the rams' horns for the men to blow.  Stick everything together with icing.  I used canned vanilla.
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summer said...

This is adorable! I'll be using this!!

Lori said...

Thank you, Summer!

Anonymous said...

thank you I love the idea I'll be teaching that lesson soon and will be a great way of teaching it. Crystal Hayward

Lori said...

You're welcome, Crystal! I pray your Bible students enjoy the edible lesson! :)

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