Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Count Your Many Blessings Ring

Posted by Lori:
Here is a simple, yet special gift for any bride and groom-to-be or maybe a new baby or a birthday celebration:  A blessing ring.  A way to save things one is grateful for. It's easy to customize and personalize to match wedding colors or event decor.
I wrote a post about this wedding shower on my devotional blog.  (Read here for that post.)  Cesar and Krystin can hang mementos from their engagement time and wedding day on this blessing ring.  As I mentioned in that post, I gave them the suggestion of putting out little blank notes at their wedding reception and having guests write "blessings" on the cards.  Then the cards could be strung onto the blessing ring, either by punching a hole in them and stringing them onto the ring itself, or some could also be hole-punched and strung on the ribbons, as the picture are shown below.
To make the blessing ring, you will need:

1 silver or gold ring
(I got mine in the sewing department at Walmart.)  It had an opening with two plastic covers on the open parts.  It also had a hook.  I have no idea what it's for!  Sorry!  You may be able to find other types of rings that will work.  You just need to be able to get items onto it, so it can't be a solid ring.  It must have a place to open.
Several rolls of ribbon, rick rack, and/or tulle in desired colors.

Cut ribbon, rick rack, and/or tulle in long strips (mine were probably 3 - 4 feet long).  Fold them in half. lengthwise.  Loop each ribbon, rick rack, and/or tulle onto the ring and pull tightly to secure (or you can just tie it on - making sure the ends are even.  If ribbon will fray, tie a knot in the bottom of it.  If not, cut the ends at an angle or in a point.  Attach a note to to top, explaining what to do with the "Blessing Ring"  If desired, attach photos to the ring before giving to the recipient.

This craft is a great gift for others to "count their many blessing" and for them to see what God has done for them!  It will serve as a special memories full of things to be grateful for in the days, months, and years to come.

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crivera said...

Thank you so much!
There have been so many comments about a "Blessings Ring".
Your picture finally made me see what it is!! Now I can make them for my team.
Thanks so much!
Caron Rivera

Lori said...

Thank you for your comment and for stopping by!

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