Sunday, June 5, 2011

BLT Sandwiches

Posted by Donna:

A few weeks ago, I had seen where you could make a BLT sandwich using biscuits. That sounded like something I wanted to try, I finally made it last week. To my surprise, Larry told me he liked the sandwiches much better on biscuits than regular bread.

I used a small can of buttermilk biscuits---five in a can size.
I rolled out each biscuit to make about a small pancake size; then sprayed a baking dish with Pam, and baked according to the directions. After baking, I cut each biscuit horizontally into two pieces, then added cooked bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. I also added cheese to it.

I won't go as far as Larry did and say I liked it better than regular bread, but it was fun doing something different. I get tired doing the same old -same old- all the time. I was just glad that Larry liked it so well---and I will make this sandwich again.

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