Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blessings and Prayers

With all of the tragedy that has been on our hearts and minds this week - with the bombing in Boston and now with the explosion in West, Texas, we can't help but think of the sadness and loss that so many of our neighbors are facing.  Prayers to everyone who has been affected by these tragedies in any way.
In our area of Southwest Oklahoma, we have been blessed with rain.  Storms that had tornados touching down made their way across our state last night - some causing some damage, but mostly sending much-needed rain to our drought-stricken land.

Looking out the doors of our house we have mini "ponds" of standing water - three inches fell last night and during the wee hours of the morning.  Thank you, God!
Although the temperatures dropped and it feels like a cold, winter day, you can see that the grass is getting green! Some of our garden is planted in the plowed dirt and God watered it for us.  What a blessing!

Be sure to thank God for the rain.  Maybe you didn't need it, but others did.  Be sure to ask God to comfort and strengthen those who are hurting....not just from the Boston and West tragedies, but also those who may be hurting in your own community.
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1 comment:

Wa Wa Waughs said...

that's what we have to do...look for the good! Good news for our drought stricken area!

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