Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Homemade Gift Week - License Plate Dust Pan

This may be the most useful homemade gift of all!  A dust pan!  But not any old dust pan....a special license plate dust pan!

When several of us went to Canton Trade Days in November, one of my sisters-in-law found these old license plates for $1.00.  She bought some and said she wanted to use them for her homemade gifts.  She was going to need some help from her husband with the wood part of the gift, but knew he could handle it.  He did, but it was harder than they both thought!  It ended up taking several hours of work to make them.  Of course, the rest of the family is really excited about this gift and the hard work involved in making them!  Thanks, D & R!!

I'm sure you can "Google" directions on making these, if you are interested.  It would be fun to keep license plates from a child's first car or a grandparent's car or something and use them for a special gift.  The possibilities are endless, really!

***After I wrote this post, I found this video on YouTube that shows great directions on how to make:

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