Monday, January 7, 2013

Homemade Gift Week - Day 1 (Cheesy and Easy!)

My husband's side of the family does a homemade Christmas gift exchange every year, and we had our Christmas together last Saturday. For the next two weeks, I'll be sharing these gifts with you.  There are some really unique ideas for cute gifts!  Some are easy and some will take a little more time, but all of them are great ideas for most any time of the year.  There are a few that will be strictly Christmas ideas.

The first I want to share with you is my own homemade gift.  I like to call it "Cheesy and Easy"!  Whoever came up with this idea (found on Pinterest), was smart to think of it!  I say "cheesy" because of the play on words, but obviously I liked the "easy" part!  We were gone for two weeks during Christmas break, so it was nice to be able to quickly get my gifts together before we left.

I used various kinds of Hershey's Kisses: Dark, Almond, Regular and Caramel.  I made the little tags on brown kraft card stock paper, using a cute font ( has LOTS of cute/free fonts!).
And the final tag words for my "Cheesy and Easy" homemade Christmas gift:  "We WHISK you a Merry KISSmas!"
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