Monday, January 14, 2013

Homemade Gift Week #2 - Chocolate Pretzels

Simple and yummy describes this homemade gift made by another sister-in-law. (Yes, I have LOTS of sisters-in-law! :)  I'm not sure what size these pretzels are, but they were bigger than the regular sticks and smaller than the big rods.  But they were perfect for this little pint canning jar. 

I like this gift because it can be adapted to any occasion. For Valentine's Day, you could sprinkle the white and chocolate coating with Valentine sprinkles and make a cute topper for the jar.  Have you seen where you use a cupcake liner on the top?  The liner goes over the flat top part of the jar lid, then the round ring part screws on over the liner.  A cute, easy and inexpensive give for a teacher or special Valentine!  The possibilities are endless.  And yes, the chocolate pretzels taste great, too!

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