Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Record" Craft for '50's Theme

To go along with the '50's theme retreat over the weekend, the teens made "record albums".  I found some really neat vinyl CD's that actually looked like old records.  They are real, working CD's, but look and feel like vinyl records on the top side.  
I found the CD's at, and they come in these three colors, plus orange and purple.
The covers/sleeves were light brown, thick paper, but the teens redid them to look like album covers.  They had a good time designing the covers! The sleeves were also found on Amazon.
For my own cover/sleeve, I left the back undone, but some of the teens decorated both sides.  You can see the CD looking 'normal' on the back side.  

These vinyl CD's can be melted in the oven to make bowls.  Just do a search for CD or record bowls and you'll find directions for the craft.  I may make one, just to try it!
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