Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Cook a Turkey (According to a 1st Grader)

I love this "recipe". It was written by my youngest son when he was in 1st grade.  If you're new to turkey cooking, maybe this will help :).

by Biscuit

10 pounds of dressing
9 cups of juice
One 20 pound turkey
9 eggs
20 cups of milk

Go shoot a turkey.  Then take the skin off.  Then you can use the feathers to decorate something.  Wash the turkey off in the sink with some water.  Put the clean turkey in a big, big pan.  Put all of the dressing on top of the turkey.  Bake the 9 eggs and then put them in the turkey.  Then pour water on the eggs and that will make mush to go in the turkey.  Take a little spoon and get some dressing out, then pour the milk where the dressing was.  Then put the dressing back where it goes.  If you want to put the feathers on when you're not eating it you can, then when you are gonna eat it take them off.  Put the pan in the oven.  Don't cover it cause the feathers might get hot.  Cook the turkey and feathers for about 30 minutes.  Then taste it and look at it to see if it's done.  When your mom yells "It's ready!!!" then it is prolly done.  Then take the turkey out of the oven and put it in the middle of the table.  Take the bones out.  Throw the bones to the dog.  Have your dad cut it up and put it on your plate.  Eat the turkey after you say a prayer.  After you eat, take all your Thanksgiving stuff down and get ready for Christmas.

This 1st grade Thanksgiving cookbook has become one of the special memories from my children's younger years.  I'm thankful that their teacher was willing to take the time to listen to each student and write down their "recipes".  What a special cookbook!

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Anonymous said...

lol so cute. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.


Unknown said...

Thank you! You have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving, too!

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