Monday, November 5, 2012

Canton First Monday

This past weekend several family members of my husband's side of the family met up for a girls' weekend.  We met in Frisco, TX, at one relative's house, then headed out early Friday morning to drive to Canton First Monday at Canton, TX.

The only thing I knew I was going to buy was seven bottles of Mexican vanilla.  I had just run out of the two bottles I bought last year, so getting new bottles was perfect timing.  I was excited about my purchases, until I got my 'proud bubble' burst!  Apparently I can get this vanilla any time at a restaurant about an hour away from home - at any time.  It's $12 instead of $10, but not bad for the huge bottle.  And then my bubble got burst even more.  Apparently I can get this same vanilla at WALMART!  Hmmmmph!  Can you believe it?  Me, either!

I did buy a few other things at Canton.....mostly decorating mesh and a big OU item for my son's class auction basket...and a candle.

In reality the trip isn't about the shopping.  It's about getting together as a family.  (And, it's about making it through Dallas area traffic in a small way!) We don't have the opportunity to do that very often with busy schedules and our own family activities/obligations.  It was fun talking, laughing, playing cards, and eating together.

Thanks for the fun time together, ladies!

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1 comment:

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh, bummer. I had no idea Walmart carried it! I will probably still buy it at Pepe's - a long time Edmond tradition and a good excuse to eat there.

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