Monday, November 12, 2012

Camo Baby Shower

At first, when I heard I needed to decorated for a baby shower in a "camo" theme, I wasn't that excited.  Camo isn't really my thing, and I had nothing to start with.  But as I bought items for the theme, I became more and more excited.
I didn't plan for the orange to go with the theme, but I saw some orange table toppers in a closet in our church's fellowship building and got them out.  Than a friend happened to drop by with some orange table skirts.  The orange seemed perfect!
Just for fun I added some pumpkins.
And burlap.....lots and lots of burlap.  I even found camo printed burlap!  And another friend had more of that printed camo burlap!
So it worked out.  No really "baby-ish", but still cute.  
I found camo printed gable boxes at Canton First Monday.  They looked cute as table centerpieces.
The baby's name was put on a banner and hung from the burlap backdrop.
It's always fun to do something new and different.....especially in decorating.  We look forward to meeting you, baby Alan Wayne!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

A difficult theme that turned out cute!

mackyton said...

Really loved these Camo Baby Shower arrangements. I am glad to see these photos here. My sister is also expecting twins and I have been thinking to host a baseball themed DIY bash for her at one of prettiest garden event venue New York. If you have any décor ideas for this theme, please share.

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