Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You'll Never Guess What Happened Today

If you're on Facebook you have seen the "awkward moment" posts.  Most of the time they're not really awkward, but people just say they are.  My daughter (who is 18) believes that if you're over a certain age, you shouldn't do certain things the teens do.  Things like "awkward moment" posts, "LOL" and other text slang abbreviations.  She believes that those are for the younger people - of whom I am NOT a part of.  Well, she deleted her Facebook page for a while, so today, when the perfect "awkward moment" opportunity arose, I posted it.  Here it is:

That awkward moment when you've made enough mashed potatoes and gravy for a funeral meal of 100 people and notice that one of your fake fingernails is missing. What would would you do????

Isn't that a GREAT awkward moment???!!!!  Well, I can tell you that it was a lot more awkward when it was going on than it was when I posted it, after the fingernail was found!  This whole thing happened this morning.  And it is funny now, but wasn't at the time.

A dear sweet, Christian woman passed away - just two months shy of her 100th birthday!  Her large family was gathering to remember her life as a faithful servant of God.  I had been asked to make mashed potatoes and gravy and told that there would be around 100 family members. 

Last night my husband and daughter peeled the potatoes for me.  I cooked them last night and kept them hot all night, mashing them early this morning.  Thirty pounds of potatoes in a large roaster pan.  The gravy was put into two large dishes - a big crock pot and a stock pot.  I got done with enough time to spare to run to the nearest town with a Sonic - which is about 15 minutes away (99 cent drink special every morning, you see :).  

On the way home from Sonic, I noticed something like flour or potato on my finger and wiped it off, only to find that the fake nail was gone!  I've never, ever had fake nails before!  I had only had them on for about 10 days because two nails had broken off really deep and I thought it looked goofy having two short ones and the others long.  I didn't want to cut them all off.  I had the fake ones fairly short, too.  So, I prayed all the way home....that I would find the nail.

When I got home, I panicked!  All I could think of was that I had 100 people to help feed and had this huge amount of potatoes and gravy - with a possible fake fingernail floating around in one of the huge pans.....maybe.  So I prayed some more.  I wondered what to do......take them wondering if it was in there or throw them out leaving the family hungry.  What a dilemma!  I didn't like the options at all.

So, I kept praying that I would find the fingernail.  I happened to look down on the kitchen floor in front of the stove top and there it was!  The missing fake nail!!!!  OH, JOY!!!!!!!!!  Mystery solved!  Dilemma eliminated!

You should have read some of the responses my Facebook friends suggested!  They should be ashamed of themselves!!! (Ha ha!!!)  Here's my favorites:

Tell them that whoever has it gets their pick at desserts first!

 If that happens again, just go ahead and serve it but let people know what happened before they eat. If they've had ur food before, they'll eat in anyway and not care. I know I would.

Stay tuned.....tomorrow I'll share something else about the gravy.  A tip.  A tip that doesn't involve any foreign objects in food, though.

P.S.  I told my daughter that I put the "awkward moment" post on Facebook.  Yes, she was appalled.  She'll get over it :).
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So glad you found it! Can't imagine!

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