Thursday, October 25, 2012

Burnt Gravy "Fix"

Ohhhhhh, I apologize!  After the fake fingernail incident, I promised a post about a gravy problem I had.....I mean a problem other than the lost fingernail.  But after that incident Tuesday and even all day Wednesday my brain was kind of in a fog. I'll blame it on my mom.  Isn't that what you're supposed to do?  Blame your parents?  (Ha ha!!  I'm only joking!  My daughter says since she's getting more like me that it's time to admit that it's just "ME".  That's how God made me.  Unique I like to say :).

So on to the gravy problem.  Well, since I was making it for about 100 people, I decided to do half "real" gravy with grease and the other half with a mix.  The real gravy had milk, the mix water.  The real milk gravy apparently got too hot and some of it stuck on bottom, but I didn't realize it.  As I mixed the two together, I could smell the scalded/burnt smell.  YUCK!  But, it was too late to do anything else but go with it.

I remembered hearing that a raw potato would absorb burnt taste so I quickly peeled two big potatoes and plopped them into the two pots of gravy.  Then I went to the internet for suggestions and found that peanut butter (Really???!! YES!!  Peanut butter!) helped the burnt taste, too.  It said to put a tablespoon in at a time, stirring and tasting a bit to see when the amount was right.  I had two big pots and not much time, so I plopped about 1/2 cup into each pot and stirred.  The little sample seemed good and the burnt taste was hardly noticeable at all.  Much less noticeable than a floating fake fingernail would have been, I'm certain!

So there you go!  Maybe not the best way to go about making gravy....or burnt gravy better, that is, but you know what?  Things happen.  Things sometimes don't go like you think they'll go or plan for them to go.  But we've got to adjust to whatever comes along, don't we?  Yep.  We must adjust and go with the flow......or burnt gravy.....or loose fake fingernails.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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Anonymous said...

I'll have to remember that one. I have heard a slice of bread absorbes too much salt. It does work. But I am not one to really add salt to most things.


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