Monday, October 8, 2012

High Heeled Shoe Plaster Craft

This past weekend was a special ladies' retreat at our Bible camp.  Click HERE to see all about the inspirational and fun retreat.  The retreat theme was "W.I.L.D. - With In the Lord's Design".  High heeled shoes were added to the theme, just for fun.

Finding inexpensive shoe crafts/items wasn't very successful at first.  Eventually we thought of a few ideas that worked out perfectly.
One craft I want to share with you was made with shoe molds ordered from eBay.  It's was a 4-inch mold that had four shoes.  I had two molds to use so did eight shoes at a time.
 The molds were made by using this pottery plaster.  All you add is water.  For 100 shoes it took less than two of these big jugs of plaster (the first container was about half way full and the second has a little bit left.)
The shoes were decoupaged using decorated animal print tissue paper and glossy Modge Podge.
Bling and bows were added, as desired.
It was so much fun seeing everyone's creativity!
We should have had a bow-making session.  This bow on this cute shoe was adorable!
I really like this two-toned animal print shoe!
And this one..... :)
And this one..... :)
And these..... The Modge Podge is still wet on these, but dries clear and glossy..if you get the Gloss type.  Some of the ladies put a magnet on the back to put on their refrigerator.

The great thing about this inexpensive craft is that it can be adapted to ANY mold and ANY occasion!  

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

they made cute magnets and it was fun to just have time to create!

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