Monday, October 15, 2012

More Cute & Easy Costumes.....

When our first child and only daughter was a baby, I decided she would be a pumpkin for our Fall Carnival.  
I don't think she liked being a pumpkin because all of the pictures of her in the costume are of her crying or unhappy!  But she was still my cute little pumpkin!
The next child and oldest boy was also a pumpkin. I remember wanting him to wear that first costume, but it just wouldn't work.  I had to give in and buy a new one that was bigger.  He's a lot happier, too.  He wouldn't have been if I'd persisted in the smaller size! :)
Thankfully #3 could wear #2's costume.  He started out smaller, anyway, and is perfectly content in his costume!
I don't like change so when #4 came, of course I wanted him to also be a pumpkin, but because he was a December baby, he was much, much bigger came Fall Festival time!  I reneged and made the four kiddos into Wizard of Oz characters. I shared that photo recently, so just cropped out the little lion....our youngest son.  I'm not sure he was too happy at this time, either!
I loved dressing up the kids for the annual party when they were younger.  They had so much fun! Here's the oldest boy as Raggedy Andy.  My mother-in-law had made these costumes for other grandkids years before.
And here's Raggedy Ann! So cute!
 For several years in a row, my oldest two children (even one being a girl) were chosen to play Santa in the school Christmas program, so, we already had a Santa suit ready.  I decided to have the kids dress as Christmas characters.  The reindeer costume was actually a horse I converted to a reindeer.  The horse costume was also made by my mother-in-law.  The other costumes were easy to put together quickly.  I used this picture for my Christmas card picture, too!
Here's the youngest....the little elf.  I love this picture!  So sweet! :)
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