Friday, September 7, 2012

Nature Craft in a Jar

Our county fair is going on this week.  Since I'm the 4-H leader for our small town, I try to help the members with crafts that they can enter in the fair.  I told you about the unsuccessful I Spy Ornaments....if you remember.

This project was a success!  I found the flyer/directions at Hobby Lobby after going up and down the aisles searching for the perfect craft.....for 30 members - boys and girls.  This was perfect!

NOTE: *This is NOT a good picture of the craft, but this is the kind of picture you get when you forget to take the picture yourself and you ask your husband and son to stop by the fairground to snap a picture! 
(ha ha!!) Notice that the KERR part is in the front.  I doubt he noticed!

So, here's what you will need:
1 quart sized Mason jar, wide mouthed opening is best
Ring and lid for jar
Burlap square for top
Dried moss/grass
Small rocks
Small silk flower stems
One silk bug (bee, butterfly, ladybug, etc.)

Open jar and place moss/grass in the bottom of the jar.  Add some rocks and twigs.  Keep one long twig out and twist on bug.  Let it "fly" away from the twig or be crawling up the twig.  Add silk flower stems and any other twigs/stems you desire.  Be careful not to cover bug.  Place lid on jar, topped by burlap square, then finish craft by tightening the ring.  Some of our burlap squares were thicker so the 4-H members had to take the lid part off. I told them that was best, anyway...that was their bug could breathe :).

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