Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Candy Bark Recipe

I saw a picture of a Fall Candy Bark a few weeks ago, but couldn't remember where I saw it.  After searching online for a recipe, I found several that looked good and combined them to make this bark.  I served it to our teachers at last nights' parent-teacher conference and also at my daughter's Senior class get together.  Many commented on how much they liked it and couldn't stop eating it!
Layer a large baking pan with waxed paper.  Using your chosen ingredients, sprinkle them across the pan.  I used mini pretzel knots, candy corn, and fall colored M & M's.
My baking pan was large so I used 2 packages of vanilla flavored almond bark and one package of white chocolate chips.  Melt it (watch it carefully and stir often - it burns easily!) and pour over the candy and pretzels.  
 Sprinkle some more candy on top of the melted candy.
Add sprinkles, if desired.  Adds some fun to the bark!! :)
Allow bark to cool in refrigerator or just at room temperature.  Break apart into pieces as shown in top picture. 

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