Monday, September 10, 2012

Jacob's Invoice

Saturday afternoon my daughter and I were out of town shopping.  After a while, one of my boys called - Jacob, the 14 year old.  It seems he needs some money....he's saving for something big.  He asked if he could clean the refrigerator for $50.00.  I told him that was too steep, but that he could clean the inside fridge and the garage fridge and we agreed on $35.00.  He said he would clean until I got home on other things, too, if that was okay.  I assured him he wouldn't be able to clean that long because we wouldn't be home until late, but I agreed to pay him for his "above and beyond" services.

Typically we don't pay our children for routine household chores.  We just believe that comes with being part of a family - and being part of a busy family - that we all work together to make everything better.  But this was different because it was cleaning/organizing/ I agreed with the pay being negotiable.

When my daughter and I got home late Saturday night, this note was taped on the outside of the garage door, so that I would be sure to see it!  $73.00 was my invoice bill!!!!  WOW!  "He must have cleaned up really good," I thought!  Well, he worked hard and I could tell he had.  Not sure it was worth $73.00, but my husband is softer on things like that that I would be alone, so this time I agreed to the payment.  I should have taken off for spelling errors!! :)  I did tell Jacob that next time I would be really strict about the "cleaning" part.  He needs some instructions on that part!

Anyway, it sure was fun seeing this note waiting for me - knowing he had worked so hard to save for something.  I can tell he's grown up because at about 12-13, he wouldn't have cared to try to do that at all.  I see a business man in the future, I think!  It will be fun to show him this note when he's got children of his own!

Have a great week!
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Wa Wa Waughs said...

He's no dummy... reminds me of DT!

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