Friday, September 28, 2012


Last night we hosted the football team, volleyball team, and cheerleaders for a meal.  It gave me an opportunity to make something new and let them be the guinea pigs :).

These "Crunchers" are very, very rich and sweet.  If you don't like rich desserts, you may not like them, but if you like butterscotch, you probably will.  I liked them.  The other dessert was a pudding delight-type, so it, of course, was the obvious favorite.  I'll share the "tweaked" version of that layered dessert next week.

I saw this recipe on Pinterest.  I'm not too "Pinterest savvy" and don't go on there often, so not sure how to always give the proper credit.  Hopefully I found the original poster of the recipe. There is a picture on this site, as well, so it gives you an idea of how it should look.
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